Rules and Info

As an elite femdom fetishist there are a few things you need to be aware of in regards to serving me cam to cam. I am different than those free cam rooms that you go into. There are expectations of what can/cannot happen or what will/will not happen. Follow the rules or never bear witness to your humiliatrix on cam.

How much are cam to cam sessions?

$3.00 per minute with a 10-minute minimum. Should I NOT be available for cam at the time, and you request an appointment, there is a 30-minute minimum.

How do you accept payments?

You can connect to me through Niteflirt or you can be discreetly billed using my online payment option or allowing me to bill you directly.

You can pay using a debit or credit card. You must be 18+ in order to engage in sessions with me.


What programs do you use for camming?

I use skype ONLY. I am not interested and will not download any other programs. You can add me on skype: mistress.lillith

You are welcome to add me and have a brief chat to set up your session or to see if I’m available, however, you will be blocked if you start to abuse the privilege of being able to chat for a brief moment beforehand.

Can I have just a quick free preview?

No. The simple fact that I offer cam sessions will be verification enough upon purchasing a session. If you don’t know anything about me, please do your research. I am out there, I have the experience, I will not give you any kind of freebie beyond what I toss out there on my blogs for you all to find and enjoy.

What do you do on cam?

Ask not what your Mistress can do for you, ask what YOU can do for your Mistress. Please remember that *I* am the director, not you. Also, be respectful at all times. I won’t do FULL nudity at any time. I don’t insert any toys anywhere. I am not currently offering sessions where another person is on cam with me at the same time — so don’t ask for that.

*I reserve the right to show a watermark on my screen during cam sessions*

I will, however, guide you through a submissive webcam session — rather than asking me what I will do, why don’t you start off with how YOU will entertain me tonight.

What can I do on cam?

You can do whatever your little submissive heart desires. If YOU want to bring another party to the party,  there is an additional tribute expected and the other party has to be of legal/consenting age.

What should I have ready for my cam session with you?

That will depend on what kind of session you are looking for. Bring/wear what you have as an option. I am aware that is incredibly vague, but I can’t guess what is in your house and unless I’ve sessioned with you in some form in the past, I don’t know what you are looking for – if you want an intro session to get a list you are more than welcome to set up a texting session with me to discuss specifics.

Do you have anyone else that will go on cam with us?

No. If you want to plan for a multi-girl party from separate cams you will have to set that up. All appointments require a deposit/hold-fee to avoid no-calls, no-shows.

Do you offer other types of sessions? How much do they cost?

Yes. In addition to cam to cam, I also offer phone/voice and texting/cyber chat sessions.

Texting is 2.00 per minute

Phone/voice is 2.50 per minute.

I will still watch you on cam during phone/voice sessions, and they both still require a 10-minute minimum.

Why are you available for phone/texting but not cam?

Because I don’t want to be. LOL

There are times that I’m available for phone and/or texting and not available for cam to cam. See my updated skype status, follow me on twitter, and/or watch my niteflirt availability button to see if my cam light is on and accepting cam to cam sessions. I take pride in my cam sessions, and no I WON’T turn it on for a little peak without payment and won’t do it if I’m not on.

When are you available for cam

You can often find me available after 11pm eastern for cam. But, I am a ‘catch me while you can’ Mistress. You may find me available via skype when I may not be available via niteflirt lines. So it is best to touch base with me there first. 🙂
Call Mistress Lillith for phone sex on

Can I make an appointment?

Yes. Just contact me directly (email or skype) and let me know a date and time you’d like to set up your session. I’ll let you know if the appointment is available. Appointments require a 30-minute minimum session.

If there are any other questions just send me a message or ask in the comments below and I’ll respond