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Food Masturbation Webcam Sessions

Food masturbation is a fun and popular cock control and guided masturbation session to engage in among my chronic masturbators.

I normally give them a list of ingredients or a recipe to make. I may just list off a few things they have in their kitchen. Once they’ve collected what I’ve requested – then we have a special play time. I give them step-by-step instruction for food masturbation.
It can range from needing to scramble an omelette using their ass or their cocks, or making a cake, or wrapping a piece of lunch meat around that cock (tofu for the vegetarians ? ) or even cutting a hole and fucking the pulp out of a melon. Once again, there is no limit to my imagination and if you know anything about me, you know I adore my kitchen and cooking. It’s another part of my life that I completely dominate.

Sometimes it isn’t only THEM putting on the food masturbation show

I enjoy a good ass worshipping session as I make an ice cream sundae on the bootylicious backside of myself. Now, keep in mind, I don’t do full and I won’t insert any kind of food anywhere. But using whip cream or chocolate sauce and rubbing it into my skin- having you worship and adore my powdered sugared and rainbow sprinkle covered ass – is something that’s fun to do.

So, you bring your ingredients – and I’ll bring mine. Get ready to entertain, get ready to worship.


If you are waiting for your food masturbation cam session, and want some food play while you wait, I do have some food play and guided masturbation assignments below

Assignment 1: Potassium Rich Food Masturbation

Looking for new ways to stroke that cock. Ever used sex toys of the edible kind? I bet you have the items right in your kitchen! ?

This first food masturbation assignment includes: Instruction sheet and an audio 2:24 min in length of the instructions. This involves an item from the fruitier side of the grocery store. Maybe it will help with your intake of potassium.

Assignment 2: A Nutty, Sticky Dick Situation

Here is another food play and masturbation assignment and It’s a bit of a how-to for teaching you a cock stroking technique using food. This one may get sticky, but it’s going to be yummy yummy and feel oh-so-good~

Caution: This assignment is NOT for you if you have a peanut allergy ?

Includes audio instruction 2:34 min in length

Assignment 3: Where Melon Heads Meet

This one is perfect for the summer seasons, The isles and stores will have plenty of these items for you to choose from. Its healthy AND kinky~ not to mention a little naughty ?

Lets continue our game of food masturbation~

Includes an audio of 1:28 minutes that is the audio version of your text instruction

Food Masturbation Bundle: Includes all instruction from above assignments

As usual, I have bundled them all together so if you want them all to play with, get the food masturbation and play bundle

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